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We are having to manage an uncertain future. Not only at a governmental level but also in our organisations and how we do business. How can psychometric assessments assist in understanding one’s ability to handle uncertainty? Who should be  incorporated in our organisational decision-making teams? The more operational, specialist focused individuals are needed, as well as those who may feel more comfortable processing ambiguous and unstructured information. This preference to deal with the unknown may be influenced not only by thinking style but also by emotions and personality. Psychometric assessments give us insight into personality and capabilities; strategic thinking; judgement and decision making; specialist or generalist orientations; interests, values and attitudes; work complexity and more. The information gathered may inform decisions in terms of leadership potential and succession planning; selection and placement; career guidance and career planning; and the development of people.

What does this mean for an organisation? Simply put it means better business outcomes. If there is an unsuitable fit with a new hire, this can in the long term be a big cost to company. Information gathered from psychometric assessments enhances objectivity and is to be used together with all information gathered during the recruitment process.

For employers, psychometric testing may help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions. In addition, it may be used to identify strengths and developmental areas to create customised leadership and development training as well as indicate how effective the training may have been.

 The ultimate value of psychometric assessments, however, may be that increased self-awareness and understanding of self, is likely to empower the individual to steer his or her career into areas that maximise their strengths. An insightful and self-aware organisation member truly is an asset to self and the organisation.

Performance Capacity Development offers individual career assessment, using psychometric assessment tools, for selection, development and strategic succession planning purposes. We offer to the individual, team or organisation a full circle approach, from assessing current strengths and needs, to developing initiatives to improve capacity.

Given the current health guidance with regards to Covid-19, and to indicate that we are considerate of the health and well-being of our clients, as well as ourselves, the following:

Our Psychometric Assessment administration, feedback and consultations are available virtually and can be done from the comfort of a candidate’s home or office. Recruitment, selection and development activities can therefore continue uninterrupted without any unnecessary risk to health and we are available to support you throughout this process.

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