Celebrating 25 Years in Business

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It is with great joy and gratitude that Performance Capacity Development (Pty) Ltd reaches the 25 years in business milestone this year. Without the loyal support from our clients, we would not be here. We would like to celebrate our 25th birthday year by honouring and thanking our clients and those we have partnered with.

Today we celebrate SynNovation. Have a look at the wonderful work they do.

In their own words:

How Belbin team-role analysis complements our work in SynNovation – by ensuring people use their natural attributes for team effectiveness

With Belbin Team-role analysis, individuals and teams can identify their natural attributes and key strengths based on three areas required for effective teams

In SynNovation we use a unique way to facilitate and train people to solve problems and achieve innovation and change in a wide range of situations, and on various levels, from personal and operational to strategic.

We have been aware of the valuable contribution that Belbin can make in all three these areas since the 1990s, and often use Belbin profiling to complement our work. The insight individuals gain into their own natural attributes, and the way others experience them, enables them to work more effectively both personally and in teams. Recognising colleagues’ strengths helps teams to allocate roles for successful implementation and lasting results.

The three main groupings of Belbin team roles – Social, Thinking and Action roles – complement and overlap with the main elements that enable the SynNovation approach – Climate, Thinking and Action. The most valuable interface between the two approaches is that, if individuals or teams identify roles in which they would like to develop their abilities – be it thinking roles like creativity, social roles like promoting interpersonal relations through a collaborative climate, or action roles to implement new ideas – SynNovation offers very useful, yet practical tools they can use to strengthen their performance. So often people say with pleased surprise “I never thought I could be creative!”

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