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Employee Engagement Survey

The link between EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and business performance has been widely reported in business and academic publications. DISENGAGED EMPLOYEES are reported to:

  • Take much more sick leave.
  • Increase customer complaints and dissatisfaction.
  • Decrease productivity. The decreased productivity of disengaged employees reportedly costs employers between R39 400 and R131 000 per disengaged employee!
  • Miss deadlines and performance targets in general.
  • Undermine the excellent work accomplished by engaged employees.

The nature and extent of Organisation Climate determines whether employees will become and stay ENGAGED or whether DISENGAGEMENT and subsequent lack of performance will characterise the business.

Our survey based assessment of Organisation Climate enables client companies to:

  • Assess employees perceptions of and satisfaction with 17 dimensions of Organisation Climate ranging from perceptions of and satisfaction with levels of involvement and supervisory support to perceptions of and satisfaction with issues related to efficiency, production pressure, goal clarity and performance feedback.
  • Develop structured interventions aimed at addressing issues that may constrain engagement and subsequent performance. Interventions vary from organisation wide formal training to individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Assess, over time, the impact of interventions on the establishment and maintenance of an ENGAGED and motivated workforce.

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