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15 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love

Many organisations may have already embraced working from home in some capacity. However, for many organisations and individuals, working all or large parts of their working week from home is unchartered territory.

Both managers and employees may find it difficult to adapt and this may translate into, for example, ‘over’ or ‘under’ managing from managers, which in turn may lead to anxiety from employees. The way we as individuals (managers or employees) respond to this changing environment requires greater self-awareness about our behaviour and the behaviour of our team members than ever before.

Understanding behavioural preferences is essential to managing virtual or physically present teams effectively. Mindfulness about behavioural preferences can enhance how well members of virtual (or other) teams function together and result in teams that function with greater clarity and confidence. Whether your team/s work fully or partially from home, we can assist you in creating high performing teams. Contact us at Belbin South Africa  –  www.belbin.co.za / www.capacityinc.co.za.

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