Belbin GetSet for your First Year Students

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by The Belbin Team

“Our first-year students have engaged with each other and their coursework earlier this year than ever before. And we think that may be thanks to Belbin GetSet.” 

– Jane Aspinall, Senior Lecturer HRM, Liverpool Business school, LJMU.

How well do your first year students know each other? How do they get to know each other? Do your students understand and embrace diversity? Do they have a safe and non-confrontational language that can help them better understand themselves and others? 

Now is a great time to introduce your students to the language of Belbin.

Belbin is the gold standard language for teams worldwide. Identifying strengths and weaknesses using Belbin Team Roles has enabled organisations to: develop confident individuals who can play to their strengths; create high-performing teams, and assist managers with practical guidance and advice to make the most of their people.

 “Belbin makes my life so much easier and productive! I cannot recommend the model and the tools highly enough to anyone looking to improve working relationships, from students right through to Chief Executives. Thank you!”

– Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU)

We have adapted the Belbin questionnaires and reports to offer this insight to students who are yet to enter the world of work, but who are expected to work with others as part of their continuing studies. It’s called Belbin GetSet.

“Belbin GetSet gave the students a way to talk about their roles in the group and what good performance would look like in their group assessment. The return on investment has already been amazing.” 

– Jane Aspinall, Senior Lecturer HRM, Liverpool Business school, LJMU.

We’ve had a wealth of positive feedback from a number of institutions. York University now include GetSet in their Study Skills Week. Leicester Medical School use it to form their study teams at the beginning of the first year. And Bournemouth University refer to GetSet to help their students form project teams whilst working within organisations.

“One of the best frameworks I ever managed to stumble upon within my research. I cannot recommend it enough to people who are on my university course.”

– Urban Planning Student, Newcastle University

Offer your students the best possible start to their first year studying with you.

Email nicole@capacityinc.co.za or beatrix@capacityinc.co.za for more information.

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