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Objective   To explore external resources and develop contacts on behalf of the team.


Resource Investigators are natural communicators, who are able to establish a rapport quickly, to extend the range of the team’s useful contacts and partnerships.

Outgoing and inquisitive, Resource Investigators are likely to be found at conferences and exhibitions, exploring new ideas and opportunities. They are best placed to go out and discover new possibilities that they can report back to the team. In this way, Resource Investigators can ensure that the team capitalizes on new developments and keeps a handle on their competitors. Without them, the team risks stagnating – becoming too inward-looking and losing track of their marketplace.

Since they are both persuasive and affable, Resource Investigators make strong and capable negotiators. They are good at thinking on their feet and, because of their boundless enthusiasm, they enjoy convincing others of the benefits of a potential idea or possibility.

Potential weaknesses

Resource Investigators thrive on the excitement of novelty, and whilst this allows them to respond quickly to new developments, their enthusiasm can fade as quickly as it

arose. While they move on to the ‘next big thing’, this can leave others in the team to pick up the pieces, and this expedience can cause resentment – or worse, lead to a missed opportunity.Even with the best of intentions, their natural optimism can be misplaced. Resource Investigators focus on the potential and not necessarily on the detail. If the ideas they present are not sufficiently vetted by others in the team, this can lead to unnecessary work and wasted time.Resource Investigators enjoy talking, but this can have an adverse impact on the team too. Sometimes, they are over-talkative, which means that others aren’t given sufficient time to air their views. Whilst they may enjoy a lively workspace, others who need a quieter working environment may struggle.

Non-negotiable weaknesses

Whilst Resource Investigators are likely to want to move on to the next exciting possibility, this shouldn’t be at the expense of the client. It’s not acceptable for them to let customers down by failing to follow up – or make arrangements for someone else in the team to do so.

Team Role compatibility

Resource Investigators are likely to get along with most colleagues, but may work well for a Shapermanager who appreciates their ability to think on their feet. As managers, Resource Investigators often need a Completer Finisher to follow up on the details.

How to handle


Allow them to enthuse and discuss with others when a new possibility has caught their attention.


Ask for too much detail about a new venture, or expect them to carry out in-depth research.

Optimum working environment

Resource Investigators need to work with others – they thrive on the buzz, and are likely to become bored when working alone. They are often adept at working in fast-paced working environments where they can act on opportunities as they arise.

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