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Objective   To combine the team’s efforts, promote consensus and manage talent.


Mature, calm and confident, Co-ordinators are responsible for pulling the group together towards a shared objective. In a team with diverse skills and behaviours, Co-ordinators are able to identify and use the talents of each individual to best effect, delegating work accordingly and encouraging each person to give of their best for the team.

Co-ordinators are often adept at facilitating meetings, ensuring that all important contributions are drawn out, and that consensus is achieved to allow the team to move forward.

With a blend of tact, insight and control, Co-ordinators are sometimes required to play a political role, smoothing over disagreements in such a way that the team will benefit.

Potential weaknesses

Owing to their considerable abilities to influence others, at worst, Co-ordinators can create a negative atmosphere through ‘office politics’. There is a difference between orchestrating the best situation for the team, and manipulating others for the Co-ordinator’s own benefit.

Proficient delegators, Co-ordinators can end up being too ‘hands off’ and simply allowing others in the team to take the lion’s share of the work. If they fail to pull their weight in the team, this can cause resentment and frustration, leaving others less likely to do their bidding.

In order to play their role effectively, Co-ordinators need to recognise and develop talent without seeking to compete with others. Good Co-ordinators recognise that the team’s successes reflect well on them without the need for self-aggrandizement.

Non-negotiable weaknesses

Whilst delegating work appropriately is an important part of the role, Co-ordinators should ensure that they do their part and do not take sole credit for the team’s efforts.

Team Role compatibility

Co-ordinators can work well for a Plant or Shapermanager who is willing to give them control of organising people while they focus on ideas or goals, respectively. As managers, Co-ordinators can work well with any other role, but may find themselves grappling with a Shaper who is intent on taking charge.

How to handle


Give them the opportunity to bring out the best in others. Approach them to ensure that your ideas and views are taken forward.


Undermine them with hidden agendas or by pursuing personal conflicts and vendettas.

Optimum working environment

Co-ordinators require a collaborative environment in which they are given responsibility and can exercise some autonomy and control. They may become detached if given work requiring extensive detail or focus.

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